Welcome to Bellamer Botanical Skin Care!   


 Multi active, high performance natural skin care based on botanical oils and butters and enriched with essential oils.

Skin care that is:
  • all natural,
  • 100% plant derived, and
  • contains no added chemicals

All ingredients have been chosen for their ability to soothe dry, sensitive skin and to promote skins own ability to heal.



"Beauty Editors around the country are raving about this Melbourne made skin food for the eye area" Eye Treatment Balm.  

Good Health Magazine, Feb 2014.


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Originally developed for dry, sensitive skin - it provided relief but also provided other unexpected benefits to the skin - firmer, softer skin that was deeply moisturised, more radiant, and with lines and wrinkles greatly diminished over a relatively short period of time.
Your skin will be happy and radiant - and all achieved using natural ingredients and without added chemicals.
There has been no animal testing in the development of these products.
Our testing has been done by the developer and trusting friends and family.
EXCITING NEWS! - We think our eye balm is one of the first 100% oil/butter based product that's specifically for the eye area........... that means 'super' hydrating action for delicate skin