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Bellamer botanical skin care is a boutique skin care business based in Melbourne and developed by Sandy Mason.
It started, like many new products, out of necessity..... as an attempt to find relief for dry, sensitive skin and eczema.  I had years of problems with sensitive skin and was unable to find any products that could help. I also had eczema on my neck. Combining a science degree background in nutrition, and pharmacist parents' knowledge, I set about making a 'mix' that would provide some skin relief. Exhausting all water based options I turned to oil based products and researched ingredients that were known to have properties that would soothe, heal, and nourish the skin. The first product was the soothing balm and it provided the eczema relief I was hoping for but also helped to make my skin feel more moisturised than it had in years.
Friends started asking what I used on my skin and I found that many others also had problems with their skin. I thought I was one of few who couldn't find any product to help their sensitive skin.  So I started making some products for friends as well. Each product has been developed for friends and relatives to help with their skin / lip problems.