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Bellamer botanical skin care is all about CLEAN skin care - offering the cleanest skin care possible. We have been doing this for the past 10 years.
Our philosophy is to offer skin care without any added chemicals at all and to keep our products pure and simple, with as few ingredients as needed to give beautiful results.
Our founding belief was that it should be possible to develop skin care that doesn't have any added preservatives/sulphites/ SLS/ phthalates/ colours/ emulsifiers / parabens/ detergents/ synthetic fragrances/ etc.
To achieve an end product without any chemicals we decided to not add water to our products - as soon as you add water to oil you need to add chemicals.
We dared to be different - This approach of not adding water to our recipes was a huge step outside of the accepted approach of creating skin creams. 
Our products are made of 100% natural or organic plant oils and butters. 
We add small amounts of essential oils - we felt that most products already on the market with essential oils were too strong for sensitive skin.
We are inspired by the amazing properties of individual oils and how they can help heal and renew our skin - but we believe the magic happens when you combine oils together. Our extensive research has helped us develop products that are gentle on the skin, yet powerfully effective at helping to heal and prevent ageing.
Each products has been created to address a skin concern of family, friends and myself - and not added to our 'stable' of products until the skin concern was resolved.... that is, we made sure they work.
Our products are based on the principle that skin needs oil, not water.