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Storage Advice!
Store Below 30 degrees celsius - products can melt above 33 degrees celsius.
  • As these balms contain natural plant butters that melt between 33 - 38 degrees celsius it is a good idea to store the balms below 30 degrees celsius.
  • Those living in warmer climates may find it beneficial to store their balm in the refrigerator.
  • If the products do melt we advise to place the product in the refrigerator as soon as possible - this helps the product to re-set as a smooth balm. If set at room temperature the butters can separate out. The products will still be effective and will melt as soon as they are placed on skin but the texture will be a little bit grainy. 

Soothing Balm

* Relieve * Strengthen * Rehydrate *
A deeply moisturising and soothing balm for sensitive, dry skin. This is a soothing butter and oil based balm that can deeply moisturise and bring relief to dry, sensitive and irritated skin including eczema and dermatitis. As it is 100% oil/ butter based, therefore  you only need to use a small amount at a time.
Ingredients include
  • Soothing and healing Shea butter
  • Calming Chamomile oil
  • Peppermint oil to decrease irritation
  • Lavender to assist in skin healing and renewal
  • Jojoba oil to enhance the absorption of the above natural goodies
Although oil based this can help to balance out skin oil production.After using skin feels moisturised and less irritated and continues to encourage skins own healing ability over the next few days. It helps to reduce that fragile skin feeling as skin becomes stronger and firmer. This can help to soothe eczema. It may eliminate mild to moderate eczema by strengthening the skin. Severe eczema may need further assistance.

How to Use

This is a multi-tasking balm that can be used in several ways.....
For very sensitive skin on face/neck  area -
  • Use as a daily moisturiser - use a small amount (about the size of 2 grains of rice), rub between fingers and then apply gently to face, neck and dab off any excess balm after a minute or two.
  • Use as evening moisturiser - use same method as for daily moisturiser.
  • Use in the evening as a moisturising treatment mask. Apply a thicker layer cleansed skin and either massage in or leave on for 15 - 20 minutes. Gently wipe off any excess with a tissue or paper towel - this allows the skin to breathe. You can use this as often as needed.
For irritated skin/ eczema/ dermatitis in general -
  • Massage a small amount into irritated area. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and then gently wipe off excess.
  • For those that have trouble with sensitivity to body moisturisers this can be used instead. On clean, dry skin massage in a small amount. Eg - for lower leg - will only need a 'pea' sized amount of balm for whole lower leg. Thirsty skin will soak this up quickly.

Care for your product

As there are no added chemicals/ preservatives in this product we encourage you to make sure you wash your hands before dipping into the balm. Some of the ingredients do have some natural anti microbial properties. Store below 30 degrees celcius.  We suggest refrigeration in warmer climates. If left in heat the balms may melt as the butters used will melt in temperatures above 30 degrees.


Renewing Face and Neck Balm

* Restructure * Firming * Lifting *
Your skin can renew itself - it just needs a bit of help. Here is a treatment utilising natural oils, essential oils and butters that are described as having anti ageing, skin renewing and healing properties.
This mask:
  • Encourages your skins own healing ability
  • 'Lifts' the skin, resulting in skin that is firmer, more resilient.
  • Reduces sagging.
  • Gives skin a lovely soft texture
Ingredients include:
  • Soothing and healing Shea butter
  • Camellia oil to renew skins natural moisture base (that which declines after age 30)
  • Calendula oil which can assist in accelerating skin rejuvenation
  • Vitamin E to soften skin
  • Calming Chamomile oil
  • Lavender to assist in skin healing and renewal
  • Jojoba oil to enhance the absorption of the above natural goodies

How to use

Use this mask as a treatment in the evening (healing occurs overnight whilst sleeping). Apply a 'pea' sized amount to clean, dry skin. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and wipe off excess (this is oil based and can stain clothes, bed clothing).  Your skin will feel 'dewy'  - there is no need to apply any other products to skin for the evening/ before bed.
You can enhance this mask results by ensuring you eat well and include some of the nutrients that also help with healing/skin renewing - see Nutrition and Skin
A zinc supplement taken 2-3 times a week (no more than this though) may also help to enhance the masks results. Try it and see!

Care for your product

As there are no added chemicals/ preservatives in this product we encourage you to make sure you wash your hands before dipping into the balm. Some of the ingredients do have some natural anti microbial properties. Store below 30 degrees celsius.  We suggest refrigeration in warmer climates. If left in heat the balms may melt as the butters used will melt in temperatures above 30 degrees.


Eye Treatment Balm

* Calming * Deeply Hydrating and Moisturising * Anti-Wrinkle *
This balm is one of the first 100% oil/ butter based products on the market that's specifically for the eye area!
There are lots of face oils being launched on the market but none specifically for the eye area...... until now!
What does that mean? ... we know oil based products are great at moisturising the skin but they're not really suitable for the delicate eye area as the oils tend to accumulate under the eye and either cause puffiness or milia (small fatty deposits).
Bellamer eye balm does not do that - we have 8 years of research showing that there is no accumulation of fat deposits or puffiness at all.
Bellamer Eye Treatment Balm is a rich, deeply hydrating, moisturising and calming balm for the eye area - suitable for all skin types but excellent for those with sensitive skin. This will soothe and renew the skin around the eyes. Originally developed to help dry, sensitive and irritated skin but found to have anti wrinkle action as well. Fine lines almost disappear in a short period of time and deeper lines are greatly diminished over several weeks.This ultra calming balm has all natural ingredients is based on Shea Butter, and contains essential oils of Chamomile and Peppermint.

How to Use

A multi- tasking eye balm that has several uses...

  • Daily and evening moisturiser/ super hydrator for eyes
  • Wrinkle fighter in evening
  • Treatment for dry/ irritated skin around eyes
  • Primer for eye make up

* this product contains about 25% shea butter which is temperature sensitive - it starts to melt between 33- 38 degrees (see information at top of page re this) and can be quite firm at temperatures below 15 degrees celcius. If ambient temperature is less than 15 degrees celcius you may need to rub balm between fingers for a few seconds (as shea butter melts at normal body temperature) before applying to eye area.  


Daily and evening moisturiser for eyes

  • For dewy eyes apply a small amount around eye area and gently dab off any excess


Wrinkle fighter in evening

  • to diminish lines/ wrinkles/ "crepe paper" under-eyes - apply a thicker layer of eye balm, leave on for 15-20 minutes and then gently wipe off any excess, if any (some find the balm is totally absorbed). Skin renewal occurs overnight so the balm will help to 'heal' those lines and wrinkles. Use nightly or as often as possible to fight wrinkles. Add a zinc supplement a few times a week to help the skin renewal process - see below for more info.


Treatment for dry/ irritated skin around the eyes

  • Apply a layer of balm around eye area, leave on for 15-20 minutes and then gently wipe off excess, if any left. Dry skin will drink this up quickly. This hydrates and strenghtens the skin and can also procvide relief for dry/ itchy hayfever eyes.


Primer for eye make-up
  • Apply a small amount to the eye lid before applying eye make-up



Zinc and skin renewal

To help boost the wrinkle removal rate, take a zinc supplement in the evening when using the eye balm.  Zinc is a mineral that can assist with skin renewal.
What zinc supplement to take?
Choose one containing approximately 20-25mg of zinc. Take only 2-3 per week. 
*Moderate use of zinc is recommended - If taking zinc daily for more than a few weeks the skin renewing process may be hindered*


Lip Balm

* Soothe * Nourish * Replenish *
This nourishing lip balm will help to soothe dry, sensitive lips. Helps dry, sore lips to heal.
All natural ingredients
Contains a blend of healing ingredients such as Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Mango butter and Olive butter with added Sweet Almond oil and Vitamin E. Apply to lips using clean hands.                           
One of the features of this product is that it does not contain any added preservatives. Several of the ingredients have mild anti bacterial and anti fungal properties and this also contains vitamin E which has anti oxidant activity.
Fragrance / flavour free
Available in 15g aluminium container
Store below 30 degrees.
(plant butters melt at temperatures above 30 degrees - if this does occur, leave to cool and re-set)


Hydration Plus for Eyes


*Hydrate      *Soften        *Skin tightening


Just like Face oil but made specifically for the eyes. Made for over 40 friends who were wanting exta hydration in their eye cream. This cream encourages the skin to renew itself with stronger, more hydrated cells.


Like our Eye Treatment Balm this is 100% oil/butter and will not accumulate under the eyes but will nourish more intensely that other eye products that are generally 80% water.


A unique blend of plant oils and shea butter, with a sprinkling of frankincense, lavender and chamomile, to help banish dryness and reveal younger looking skin.


It helps to remove excess fluid from around the cells that causes puffiness and sagging.


Skin feels firmer, lines are reduced and puffiness disappears. The more lines, puffiness there is the longer it will take to work but you will see a significant difference after a month of use.


How to use:

- day and night moisturiser for eye area

- super hydrating intense treatment at night



Day and night moisturiser for eye area

- a small amount of balm, about the size of a grain of rice, will be enough to provide daily moisturising.

  Gently rub the balm between your fingers and dab around eye area, then dab off any excess.

- eyes will be dewy and hydrated


Super hydrating intense treatment at night

- to improve the overall hydration of your eye area, diminish lines and decrease puffiness, rub a larger amount of balm between your fingers and apply around the eye area. Leave on for 15 minutes or so before dabbing off excess.


Remember to store in a cool, dry place, and under 30 degree celsius




Hydration Plus for Face and Neck


*Hydrates       *Skin firming     *Even skin tone and texture


This rich face cream is a face oil with the added benefits of shea butter. From the first use you will find it hydrates and softens your skin.


Enhances skin's renewal process - skin feels firmer, and stonger. Skin tone and texture is also improved.


Has added frankincense, lavender and chamomile  - these natural goodies help to remove excess fluid that causes sagging and puffiness


How to use:

- as a day or night moisturiser

- as an intense hydrating, skin tone improving treatment


Day or night moisturiser

- warm a pea size, or little more, amount of balm between fingers and rub onto face/neck. Leave it on for a minute or two 

  and then dab off excess


For intense hydration and to boost improvement to skin tone and texture

- in evening, apply a thicker layer of balm and leave for 15 minutes or so before dabbing off excess. You don't need to apply

  anything else to your skin overnight, just let the balm that has absorbed do it's work. This firms skin, and improves skin

  tone and texture