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It's great to get feedback from our customers and to hear how
Bellamer products have helped their skin.

Here are a few of those comments.............




Eye Treatment Balm


I would just like to say how much I love the Bellamer Eye Treatment Balm. Let's just say I have "laugh lines" and I must laugh a lot in my sleep.. when I would get up in the morning I always had very pronounced "laugh lines" around my eyes, but ever since the very first application of the Bellamer Eye Treatment Balm, I noticed a big reduction in the lines (around my eyes). I love it, the results it brings, the ease of use and the bonus is, it's all natural ingredients and it smells good enough to eat!!!

Thank you Bellamer!

Kate. - Melbourne VIC



Soothing Balm


Many thanks for supplying the Bellamer Soothing Balm, this product is simply magic, my 3 year old son suffers from very bad eczema which flares up from time to time. With in a day or two of application of Bellamer Soothing Balm his eczema settles right down and a few days later it is gone. A fantastic product!  Rowan



My name is Klasina and I have had eczema since the day I was born. My three siblings suffer from the same condition. When I was little my mum had to bandage my legs and arms at night and tie mittens on to stop me from scratching. Every Christmas I would ask St. Nicholas for new skin. My mum never stopped trying new lotions and creams. Steroid creams would help for a while but I was not able to keep using them long term as they would thin the skin. One day my mum spoke to Sandy at her workplace and mentioned my terrible condition. Mum was given some eye balm and skin cream (Soothing Balm) to try. I gave it a try and loved the result. I have been using the Bellamer products for a while now and my eczema is no longer a problem. My skin is soft and smooth and all the eczema itching is gone. My brother and sister use the cream too and have the same results. I am so happy! I highly recommend Bellamer products.

Klasina, Melbourne



My fourteen year old daughter recently had a flare up of her eczema on her legs and arms. She is very self conscious about her scratched and irritated skin, especially in front of class mates when in sport and summer uniform. Sandy had told me she had had some great success using the Bellamer products she had developed to manage her own eczema, and gave me a sample pot for my daughter to try. Alexandra was initially reluctant as she hated the sticky, awful feeling she had experienced with other eczema treatments, but promised to try it. Using the 'Soothing Balm' sparingly over the irritated dry skin on her arms and legs, she found it soothing and the itching was relieved. Within a few days of application morning and night, her skin had improved rapidly and she asked me to purchase some. What was most gratifying was when she proudly said "Look Mum, my skin is beautiful! It looks normal!"

Thank you again Sandy. I am so glad I happened to hear about Bellamer.

Andrea, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Melbourne


 From Louise - Clinical Nurse Educator

As a mother, nothing matters more to you than your child's health and happiness. I have a beautiful seven year old daughter, Olivia, who has been troubled by many years of severe eczema. It was extensive, covering the backs of her legs and buttocks, often so irritated that it would bleed. Olivia hated putting on her swim suit or shorts as she didn't want anyone to see it. It was not just her skin which was affected by the eczema, but her self esteem and confidence suffered also. We tried everything from eliminating chemicals form our home, to trying products recommended by our GP. We visited a specialist at the children's hospital and ended up with high dose cortisone which we used daily to keep the eczema under control. As a nurse I was concerned in having to use so much cortisone on her young skin. All that changed approximately 6 months ago, when a colleague recommended Bellamer Soothing Balm. It is an all natural soothing balm which smells beautiful. We saw results immediately. Within the first 2 weeks my daughters skin had improved to the point where cortisone was only needed every second day. 

We are now 6 months on and with a daily application of Bellamer we now only apply cortisone once every 6-8 weeks for minor flare ups. Bellamer seems to have strengthened her skin and cleared the eczema to the point that nobody would even know she suffers from the skin complaint. Her self confidence has grown and she no longer worries about wearing her swim suit. Thanks to Bellamer my daughter is finally happy in her own skin. 

April 2014.



Various products, including soon to be released Skin Firming Oil

From the age of 40yrs onwards my skin was becoming increasingly dry and sensitive to various skin care products, particularly around my eyes. I was beginning to run out of products which did not irritate my skin. I tried the Bellamer products and loved them all. My skin felt great and no more skin irritations! The product I love the most is the firming oil. I started using it around my eyes, and it really works, I am no longer considering an eye lift which I was starting to think about. Recently I had a facial, the therapist commented on how well hydrated my skin was for my age, and that she would not bother trying to sell me any of their products because the Bellamer products I was using were great, my skin was in very good condition for my age. What a compliment for a 46yrs old!

Thanks Bellamer!!